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07-06-2008 18:24

Weir.ru: Johnny, keep your chin up!

Dear Johnny,

Yesterday we your fans from weir.ru found out about what is going on at Ice Vault Arena from the newspapers. We know now that Stéphane Lambiel will be training with your coaches and you in Wayne. The news was shocking for us. So many questions popped up, and the question of how would you survive this was among the most important of them. But now we are not worried anymore, there are no serious reasons to worry. Because it was YOU yourself not Galina or Viktor who won all the medals last season. YOU won two golds at Grand Prix Circuit, tied Evan Lysacek at Nationals, won bronze at Worlds. YOU beated Stéphane in Russia and at Worlds and with such an experience will do it for sure again. All the victories were first and foremost YOURS. You are getting stronger and stronger. We are sure that if there are any complications on your way, you will get through them with your power, well-known optimism and brilliant sense of humor. No matter what, Johnny, we believe in you as always and we are always behind your back! You’re the one and the best! Please, keep your chin up!

With love.

Комментарии :

Комментарии :

Tinn   07-06-2008 18:29 #3007  

I totally agree!

Лоскутик и облачко   07-06-2008 18:57 #3008  

Замечательный текст!

support   07-06-2008 19:46 #3009  

Итить, Хорошо, что хоть не болдом свою истерику выразили...

Yamina   07-06-2008 20:46 #3010  

Ну и пусть бы висела красная. Хотя, вам видней. Наши деушки плохо не напишут мистеру Вейру.Молодцы.

staple   07-06-2008 22:42 #3011  

А хушь бы и болдом...

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