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: 14-05-2006 18:44 : (2)
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Johnny Weir Profile

Johnny Weir warming up. He has rapidly become, on and off the ice, one of the most entertaining men in skating. A loose canon to skating officials, a bit eccentric to family and friends, but most of all a man comfortable with himself.

Johnny Weir:
People tend to think Im putting on an act. But thats just me. Ive been raised to be outspoken, to have my own thoughts. I have never seen a point in pleasing other people. I know that a lot of people, especially the more republican style people, are very afraid of what I mean to the sport and what Im going to say, what kind of revolutionary crazy thing is going to come out of my mouth. And you know good for them. They should be scared.

Im not a good little figure skater that goes to bed at 8.30 every night, wakes up at 6. 30, eats my three meals a day and goes to bed again. Im a real person, I do real things.

Im not going to be the shiny, sparkly, flower-holding figure skater that sits here and says: I wanna do my best today and if I dont then Ill go home and train really hard and do better next time. Thats not me.

Interview: I think that if figure skating was any more mainstream, it would be a whole lot more boring.

Im going to be really angry if I skate bad and I will probably say crazy things.
Interview: His (about Michel Weisss program) was more like: a vodka shot, lets snort coke-kind of program.

Thats how I rock it. Im not for everybody. There are going to be people that like you and people that hate you. And theres nothing I can do.

I dont think Im a diva. Or pompous enough to be in the position of acting like a diva. But I like things to be the way I like them to be. Its really my own game and my own agenda that Im going for and to live my life as happy as I can be. Im not out there to be a puppet for anyone. And my harshest critic would probably just say that Im full of air and fluff and that I dont mean things that I say. But for now, my critics can eat it.

I want people to remember me as someone that pushed the envelope, pushed the boundaries of the United States figure skating establishment. I cant change anyones mind about me except my own. And Im happy with who Johnny Weir is.


friandise   17-05-2006 06:59 #729  

He's so cute. I like his independence and free-thinking. I think Johnny's very impertinent that he pushes the envelope, pushes the boundaries of the United States figure skating establishment, and I like it

katja   17-05-2006 14:55 #731  

He should always be HIMSELF!!!