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Так как ежемесячные предпочтения Джонни не сохраняются на его офф.сайте, мы решили собирать их потихоньку у себя :)

Осень 2009

Song - "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga
Music Video - "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga
Movie - "Moskva Slezam ne Verit"
TV Show - Ugly Betty
Fashion Statement - Round Sunglasses
Designer - Gareth Pugh
Food - Cafe Pushkin (Moscow)
Drink - Black Tea
Celebrity - Cheburashka
Object of Desire - Sable Coat
Beauty Product - Helena Rubenstein Force C Line

Лето 2009

Song - "Sorry, Sorry" by Super Junior
Music Video - "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga
Movie - "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
TV Show - Weeds
Fashion Statement - Gold
Designer - Balenciaga
Food - Baumkuchen from Japan
Drink - Strawberry/Peach Juice
Celebrity - Susan Boyle
Object of Desire - Black Chanel Watch
Beauty Product - Foin Coupe Candles by Diptyque

Предпочтения на сайте Icenetwork.com июль 2009 г.

Favorite sports figure: Irina Slutskaya
Favorite sports teams: New York Giants, Moscow Dynamo (soccer club)
Favorite city: Moscow
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite author: Aleksandr Pushkin
Favorite magazines: Vogue, Us Weekly
Favorite gadget: iPod
Favorite vacations: Moscow, the Cayman Islands and Seoul, South Korea
Favorite performers: Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Sergei Lazarev, Amy Winehouse, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Nikolai Tskiskaridze, Maya Plesetskaya
Favorite reality show: Be Good Johnny Weir
Favorite drinks: Spearmint water, bellinis, iced tea
Favorite vacation spot: Moscow
Favorite quote: "Upon the brink of a wild stream, he stood and dreamt a mighty dream." - Pushkin

Three things people would be surprised to find out about me: I rarely reveal my middle name, I love to organize my clothes in order of color, and I am on my cell phone for about three hours a day.
Three people I'd like to have dinner with: Christina Aguilera, Edith Piaf and Ekaterina the Great
Three things I hate doing: Dishes, driving in traffic and "window shopping"
Three things I love doing: Shopping, design and travel
Three television characters I wish were real so I could hang out with them: Patsy Stone from "Absolutely Fabulous," Tanya Turner from "Footballers Wives" and Cheburashka
Three favorite movies: La Vie en Rose, Moskva Slezam ne Verit and The Notebook
Three things I must have when I leave the house: Balenciaga bag, sunglasses and my phones
Three people I would most like to meet: Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Mikhail Baryshnikov
Three best concerts I've been to: Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake
Three favorite TV shows: Ugly Betty, Footballers Wives and Weeds
Three favorite books: The Charm School, The Devil Wears Prada and Anastasia's Dance
Three favorite web sites: Vkontake.ru, JohnnyWeir.net and Weir.ru
Three favorite foods: Salad, filet mignon and blini with black caviar
Three favorite drinks: Bellini, anything from Starbucks and iced tea

Февраль 2009

Song - "The Fear" - Lily Allen
Music Video - "Sober" - P!nk
Movie - "Admiral"
TV Show - Sordid Lives
Fashion Statement - Angular bangs
Designer - Balenciaga
Food - Porcini Mushrooms
Drink- Coca Cola
Celebrity - Valerio Scanu
Object of Desire - Silver Crocodile Suitcase by Alexander McQueen for Samsonite
Beauty Product - Chanel No.5 Hair Perfume

Январь - 2009

Song - "Halo" Beyonce
Music Video - "Vopreki" Valeriy Meladze
Movie - "The Rape of Europa"
TV Show - Ugly Betty/Gossip Girl
Fashion - Statement Boots
Designer - Maison Martin Margiella
Food - Black Caviar
Drink - Jasmine Tea
Celebrity - Kim Yu-na
Object of Desire - "King of Winterland" painting by Sergey Rimashevsky
Beauty Product - Helena Rubenstein Prodigy Re-Plasty Eye Cream

Сентябрь 2008

Song "Melt My Heart To Stone"-ADELE
Music Video "Zachem Pridumali Lyubov"-Sergey Lazarev
Movie "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day"
TV Show Weeds
Fashion Statement Purple
Designer Balenciaga
Food Seared Ahi Tuna
Drink Passion Tea
Celebrity Nastia Liukin
Object of Desire Dove colored Balenciaga Work bag
Beauty Product Tom Ford White Patchouli cologne

Август 2008

Song "Tansuyi, Rossiya" - Glukoza
Music Video "Better in Time"-Leona Lewis
Movie "Moya Lyubov"
TV Show Weeds
Fashion Statement Military Hats
Designer Gianni Barbato
Food Endive
Drink Jana Water
Celebrity Mary Louise Parker
Object of Desire Black Chanel wristwatch with Diamonds
Beauty Product DSquared Wood cologne

Июль 2008

Song - "Little Bit" Lykke Li
Music Video - "When I Grow Up" The Pussycat Dolls
Movie - "Doctor Zhivago"
TV Show - Weeds
Fashion Statement - Mini shorts
Designer - Balenciaga
Food - Swordfish
Drink - Bellini
Celebrity - Roger Federer
Object of Desire - Beach front condo
Beauty Product - La Prairie Skin Caviar

Июнь 2008

Song - "One More Time" - Jewelry
Music Video - "Girlfriend" - Sergey Lazarev
Movie - "Sex and the City"
TV Show - Desperate Housewives
Fashion Statement - The 50's
Designer - Versace
Food - Pineapple
Drink - Espresso
Celebrity - Sarah Jessica Parker
Object of Desire - A private jet
Beauty Product - Dyptique Candle in Foin Coupe

Май 2008

Song "Orientatsiya Sever" - Lolita
Music Video "Believe" - Dima Bilan
Movie - "A League of their Own"
TV Show - Footballer$ Wive$
Fashion Statement - High Tops
Designer - Chanel
Food - Lollipops
Drink - Evian
Celebrity - Madonna
Object of Desire - Custom Wallpaper
Beauty Product - Cle de Peau Masque

Апрель 2008

Song - "4 Minutes to Save the World"-Madonna
Music Video - "Bleeding Love"-Leona Lewis (Euro Edit)
Movie - "Atonement"
TV Show - BBC World
Fashion Statement - Crinkled Leather
Designer - Denis Simachev
Food - Chebureki
Drink - Champagne
Celebrity - Leona Lewis
Object of Desire - A House
Beauty Product - Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm

Март 2008

Song:"Bleeding Love"-Leona Lewis
Music Video - "Save Me from Myself"-Christina Aguilera
Movie - "We Own the Night"
TV Show - I Miss the Housewives!
Fashion Statement - Purple (Again)
Designer - Etro
Food - Chardinger Amadeus Cheese
Drink - Pomegranate juice
Celebrity - Mirai Nagasu
Object of Desire - Electric blue Balenciaga "Work" bag
Beauty Product - Davines Hair Masque

Февраль 2008

Song - "Opyat Metel" Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaite
Music Video - "Just Fine" Mary J. Blige
Movie - "Eastern Promises"
TV Show - Mean Girls Club
Fashion Statement - Emerald
Designer - Chanel
Food - Lettuce
Drink - Espresso
Celebrity - Amy Winehouse
Object of Desire - We all know.
Beauty Product - L'Occitane Beure Karite

Hottest things 2007

Johnny's version of the Grammys, Oscars, Espys and VH1 fashion awards rolled into one: The Hottest Things of 2007! AND HERE THEY ARE...

Hot Hit Song: "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse
Hot Ballad: "The Thing About Love" by Alicia Keys
Hot Female Artist: Amy Winehouse
Hot Male Artist: Justin Timberlake
Hot Group: Maroon 5
Hot Music Video: "Umbrella" by Rihanna
Hot Live Performance: Christina Aguilera Back to
Basics Tour
Hot International Hit Song: "Pro Leto" by Byanka (RUS)
Hot International Ballad: "Moy Ray" by MakSim (RUS)
Hot International Female Artist: MakSim (RUS)
Hot International Male Artist: Dima Koldun (BLR)
Hot International Music Video: "Moy Ray" by MakSim
Hot International Live Performance: Sergey Lazarev
"Zachem Pridumali Lyubov" (RUS)

Hot Film: The Queen
Hot International Film: "La Vie en Rose" (FRA)
Hot TV Show: Weeds
Hot Reality Show: I Love New York 2
Hot Acctress: Helen Mirren
Hot Actor: Johnny Depp
Hot Comedic Act: Kathy Griffin

Hot Designer: Nicolas Ghuesquiere
Hot Label: Balenciaga
Hot Boutique: Podium (Moscow)
Hot Department Store: Tsum (Moscow)
Hot Shopping District: Meatpacking District (NYC)
Hot Trend: Nostalgia
Hot Color: Purple
Hot Skincare: Cle de Peau
Hot Luggage: Rimowa

Hot Car: Bentley Continental
Hot Airline: Aeroflot
Hot Hotel: Metropol (Moscow)
Hot Restaurant: Cipriani Downtown (NYC)/Prado Cafe
Hot Street: Madison Avenue (NYC)
Hot City: Moscow

THE CELEBRITY LIFE (Like most, I love the gossip)
Hot Dressed Celebrity: Posh
Hot Mess: Poor Britney (I do feel bad for her though)
Hot Celebrity Gossip: Perez Hilton (Thanks Perez!)
Hot Worst Dressed Celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow (I don't
get it)
Hot Mama: Christina Aguilera (Takes guts to pose naked
when pregnant)

Hot TV Channel: Sundance
Hot News Channel: BBC
Hot Newspaper: New York Times
Hot Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oskar Wilde
Hot Magazine: V Man
Hot Website: www.youtube.com

Декабрь 2007

Song - "Moy Ray" MakSim
Music Video - "Moy Ray" MakSim
Movie - "Factory Girl"
TV Show - Weeds
Fashion Statement - Skinny
Designer - Udashkin
Food - Pomegranate
Drink - Chai Latte
Celebrity - Alla Pugacheva
Object of Desire - Lynx Coat
Beauty Product - Diptyque Candle in "Foin Coupe"

Ноябрь 2007

Song - "Danse mon Esmeralde" Garou
Music Video - "Tears Dry On Their Own" Amy Winehouse
Movie - "A Mighty Heart"
TV Show - Ugly Betty
Fashion Statement - Dapper
Designer - John Galliano
Food - Honey
Drink - Chocolate Milk
Celebrity - Dima Bilan
Object of Desire - Sable Coat
Skin Product - Sugar Lip Treatment

Октябрь 2007

Song - "Pro Leto" Byanka
Music Video - "Dai Mne Silu" Dima Koldun
Movie - "Marie Antoinette"
TV Show - Dirty Sexy Money
Fashion Statement - Pink
Designer - Balenciaga
Food - Hamachi
Drink - Coconut Tea
Celebrity - Poor Britney
Object of Desire - Private Jet
Skin Product - Shu Uemura Principe

Сентябрь 2007

Song - "Tu N'est Pas La"-Richard Cocciante
Music Video- "Lovestoned/I Think She Knows" - Justin Timberlake
Movie - "White Nights"
TV Show - Kimora Lee Simmons: My Life in the Fab Lane
Fashion Statement - Nostalgia
Designer - Leonello Borghi
Food - Asparagus
Drink - Pomegranate Juice
Celebrity - Mikhail Baryshnikov
Object of Desire - Galuchat Bag
Skin Product - Dior Homme Cologne

Август 2007

Song - "Stop Me" Mark Ronson
Music Video - "You Know I'm No Good" Amy Winehouse
Movie - "The Nanny Diaries"
TV Show - Footballer$ Wive$
Fashion Statement - Deep V Neck
Designer - Balenciaga
Food - Tomatoes
Drink - Chocolate Milk
Celebrity - Victoria Beckham
Skin Product - Bobbi Brown Correctives

Июль 2007

Song - "Umbrella" Rhianna
Music Video - "Esli ti Uidesh Seichas" Mike Mironenko
Movie - 'Breach'
TV Show - Footballers Wives
Fashion Statement - Vest
Designer - Hermès
Food - Raspberries
Drink - Calpis
Celebrity - Sergey Lazarev
Skin Product - Aqua di Parma Cologne

Май 2007

Song - "Otpuskayu" Maksim
Music Video - "Prelude (On Earth As In Heaven)" Globus
Movie - 'Italyanetz'
TV Show - America's Next Top Model
Fashion Statement - Super skinny jeans
Designer - Tsubi
Food - Meringue
Drink - Chai
Celebrity - Paris Hilton
Skin Product - Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Replenishing Essence

Апрель 2007

Song - "Shattered Dreams" Sergey Lazarev
Music Video - "Candyman" Christina Aguilera
Movie - 'Marie Antoinette'
TV Show - I Love New York
Fashion - Statement Open necklines
Designer - Milkboy
Food - Edamame
Drink - Strawberry Nectar
Celebrity - Anna Nicole Smith (RIP)
Skin Product - Shu Uemura Depsea Water in Lavender

Март 2007

Song - "Candyman" Christina Aguilera
Music Video - "Fidelity" Regina Spektor
Movie - 'Babel'
TV Show - America's Next Top Model
Fashion Statement - Metallic Shoes
Designer - Comme des Garcons
Food - Strawberries
Drink - Latte
Celebrity - Victoria Beckham
Skin Product - Nars Masque D'argile

Февраль 2007

Song - "Listen" Beyonce
Music Video - "Sweet Escape" Gwen Stefani
Movie - 'The Queen'
TV Show - Ugly Betty
Fashion Statement - Moccasins
Designer - Moncler
Food - Honey
Drink - Defense Vitamin Water
Celebrity - Justin Timberlake
Skin Product - Nars Masque D'argile

Январь 2007

Song - "Like A Boy" Ciara
Music Video - "Say It Right" Nelly Furtado
Movie - 'Dreamgirls'
TV Show - I Love New York
Fashion Statement - Leg Warmers
Designer - Dior Homme
Food - Lucky Charms
Drink - Black Tea
Celebrity - Jennifer Hudson
Skin Product - Gel équilibrant (Clé de Peau)

Декабрь 2006

Song - "Znaesh Li Tiy" Maksim
Music Video - "Tell Me" P.Diddy featuring Christina Aguilera
TV Show - The Girls Next Door
Movie - 'The Da Vinci Code'
Book - Night by Elie Weisel
Fashion Statement - Big Fur
Designer - Frankie Morello
Object of Desire - First Class Plane Tickets
Food - Caviar
Drink - Champagne
Skin Product - Crème de la Mer Diamond Facial
Celebrity - Rosie O'Donnell

Ноябрь 2006

Song - "Another Song" Justin Timberlake
Music Video - "Hurt" Christina Aguilera
TV Show - BBC News
Movie - 'The Omen'
Book - The Communist's Daughter by Dennis Bock
Fashion Statement - Sable Fur
Designer - Lucien Pellat Finet
Object of Desire - Silver Louis Vuitton Keepall
Food - Kashi Go Lean Crunch
Drink - Pomegranate Nectar
Skin - Product Viktor and Rolf "Antidote" Cologne
Celebrity - Madonna

Октябрь 2006

Song - "Here To Stay" Christina Aguilera
Music Video - "U + Ur Hand"-P!nk
TV Show - "Desperate Housewives"
Movie - "Death Becomes Her"
Book - The Last Tsar by Edvard Radzinsky
Fashion Statement - Metallics
Designer - Balenciaga
Object of Desire - Burberry Gold Trenchcoat
Food - Vanilla Tootsie Roll
Drink - Vitamin Water in Defense
Skin Product - T. LeClerc Contour Yeux & Lèvres 901 Anti-Rides
Celebrity - Sergey Lazarev

Сентябрь 2006

Song - "Hurt" Christina Aguilera
Music Video - 'My Immortal' Evanesence
TV Show - Project Runway
Movie - "Everything is Illuminated"
Book - Nureyev: His Life
Fashion Statement - Layers
Designer - Louis Vuitton
Object of Desire - Cheburashka DVD's
Food - Black Caviar
Drink - Heineken
Skin Product - Shu Uemura Depsea Water in Mint
Celebrity - Nicole Richie

Август 2006

Song - "No" Namie Amuro
Music Video - "Nobody Knows Me (Live)" Madonna
TV Show - South Park
Movie - "The Devil Wears Prada"
Fashion Statement - Bolero Jackets and Hoodies (Men and Women)
Designer - Dior Homme/Milkboy
Object of Desire - Galliano Fall Collection
Food - Salad
Drink - Green Tea
Skin Product - Cle de Peau 'La Creme'
Celebrity - Christina Aguilera

Июль 2006

Song - "Chasing Cars" Snow Patrol
Music Video - "Ain't No Other Man" Christina Aguilera
TV Show - The Simple Life 4
Movie - "The Devil Wears Prada"
Fashion - Statement Rogan Shorts
Designer - Libertine
Object of Desire - Bentley Continental
Food - Guacamole
Drink - Peach Tea
Skin Product - Cellex-C Skin Perfecting Pen
Celebrity - Whitney Houston

Июнь 2006

Song - "Prosti za Lubov"-Yulia Savicheva
Music Video - "Helena" My Chemical Romance
Fashion Statement - Driving Shoes
Designer - Rogan
Celebrity - Kelly Ripa
Restaurant - Raw (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)
Food - Yellowtail Sashimi
Drink - Hot Sake
Movie - 'Crash'
Object of Desire - A vacation

Май 2006

Song - "O" Andrei Gubin
Music Video - "Behind These Hazel Eyes"-Kelly Clarkson
Fashion Statement - Taverniti Jeans
Designer - John Galliano
Store - Matthew Izzo (Philadelphia)
Food - Pineapple
Drink - Georgian Red Wine
Movie - 'The Family Stone'
Book - Black Earth
Celebrity - Richie Rich

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